Android Workbench

Workbench for Android based Embedded System

ethics Tech   is offering cutting edge technology solutions and products on Android platform. We are offering complete ready-to-use Android platform for embedded system applications development. Android workbench is an product with the combination of Linux OS, IDE, Android SDK, Android NDK, Android ADK, Sample programs, Cross compilers for ARM & MCU (AVR/PIC) NDK/ADK hardware demo board (AVR/PIC), Embedded ARM board (option), Android mobile (option) and Android tablet PC (option).

Android Workbench

Android workbench is the combination of Android SDK & Android Accessories hardware kit platform targetting developers to develop their Android NDK/ADK applications by using our plug & play platform. Kindly check our latest Android Workbench 3.0 features below.

Android Workbench 3.0 software features

»  Ready to use and user friendly Linux platform

»  Ready to use SDK, NDK and ADK

»  Ready to use cross compilers

»  Plug & Play Arduino and PIC based microcontrollers as a target-board

»  I/Os, PWM, ADC, UART, SPI, TWI and Pulse input. 

»  Varities of modules support including Bluetooth, Zigbee, GPS and more.

»  Varieties of sensors support including Servo/Stepper motors, LEDs, IR, accelerometer, temperature sensors, motion detection,.etc.

»  Target is supporting from Android 1.5 platform

»  Sample applications

»  Example programs

»  Complete developers guide

 Android Workbench 3.0 hardware features

»  16bit 24FJ PIC microcontroller  

»  Android communication with Embedded board by Wire & Wireless (via Bluetooth).

»  Bluetooth 

»  USB OTG port (Data transfer between ADK board, Mobile & PC)

»  USB port

»  on board POT

»  Power supply unit

»  upto 5 LEDs

»  on board buzzer 

»  upto 5 onboard keys

»  Temperature sensors

»  Servo motor [option]

»  Joy stick [option]


Other workbench products

»  Android Workbench 1.1 [USB & Wireless communication; NO OTG port]

»  Android Workbench 1.0 [Retired; Only USB communication]


Target applications & Domains

»  Android applications development with existing frameworks

»  Porting native applications like C/C++

»  Industrial automation applications using SDK/NDK/ADK  

»  Robotics applications

»  Home automation applications

»  Healthcare applications and more.

»  OEMs




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»  Android Workbench 3.0 new : Kindly contact our sales team by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

»  Bluetooth dongle                     : Rs.200/-

»  Shipping charge : Rs.200/- (All over India); USD 50 for outside India.


Package contains

»  Android Workbench kit, Android SDK, Schematics, Sample applications and Documents.


How to buy

»  We are shipping worldwide. Kindly send your purchase query to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We will contact you immediately.

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