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Real Time Linux is an extension of Linux to a real-time operating system, which lets you write applications with strict timing constraints for Linux. Real Time Linux was made available as a community supported free open source versions and as well as commercial versions from different companies.

We are supporting Open Source community versions Real Time Linux like RTLinux/GPL, RTAI, RT_PREEMPT, Xenomai and few of others.

Real Time Linux supports hard real-time (deterministic) operation through interrupt control between the hardware and the operating system. Interrupts needed for deterministic processing are processed by the real-time core, while other interrupts are forwarded to the non-real time operating system. The operating system (Linux) runs as a low priority thread. First-In-First-Out pipes (FIFOs) or shared memory can be used to share data between the operating system and the real-time core.


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  • Introducing Android Workbench 3.0 with USB OTG!

  • New product launch: "Sign-Up" a Virtual Trial Room

  • New product launch : BlueBee

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Ethicstech offering completing IoT product design & development. Check with us what we are offering.

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ethics Tech now offeres LoRa ((Long Rang Low Power)) technology solutions in IOT & M2M sector. The LoRa® Alliance is

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