RTLinux Workbench

ethicsTech's first version of Real Time Linux workbench provides real time application development environment to the developers and Industries. Developers can develop their application by using preinsatlled cross compilers and develop applications for real time critical application by using real time utilities supported by Real Time Linux Workbench.

Also it provides Real time embedded system experience to students in Open Source technology with reasonable price for educational and research institutions. Students can learn the real time embedded systems in an hour with help of preinstalled ready made packages and KDevelop IDE supported hardwares are available for this product. Refer the technical specification for know about more features.

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Services & Supported features for RTLinux Workbench

» Ubuntu based working setup with RTAI real time linux

» Preinstalled Real Time Linux RTAI with utilities and supported tools

» Supported KDevelop IDE for RTAI. Easy application development, compilation, and debugging from IDE with out console mode.

» RTAI-XML support for developing real time control applications through internet.

» LXRT supports developing real time applications from user space

» COMEDI support for developing ADC/DAC application in RTAI

» Scilab/Scicos supports equivalent to Matlab/RTW.

» RTAILab facilitate RTAI interaction with Scilab/Scicos

» RTNet support for network facilities in Real Time Linux

» Real time serial driver RTCOM for RTAI

» Ready made exercises with KDevelop IDE integration

» Well documented  tutorials, materials and Howtos support to learn by individually

» Able to develop applications from host or target or both.

» Easy installation steps and guidance

» Open Source enables developers/learner to provide full of freedom to customize it every thing, as he/she like. Real Time Linux Workbench made from Open Source tools and softwares. Source code is available for all the tools and softwares.

NOTE : We are also offering Xenomai based RTLinux workbench


Hardwares with Real Time Linux Workbench

»  Supported ARM9, ARM11 ARM Cortex based embedded boards(optional).

»  Supported X86 Board with preinstalled Linux OS & 3.x kernel



Download the product brochure from here

Download the Getting started with RTLinux workbench

For quotation, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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