Embedded Linux Training

EthicsTech cutting edge innovative development team have massive experience on Software and Hardware embedded solutions by using Linux and Android platform. The proliferation of embedded implementations in multitude of domains have increased the product options and have correspondingly increased the range of tools, OSs, languages and development environments. The real time implementations cater to time critical responses. Embedded and Real time systems provides a huge arena for innovation and opportunities. This intensive course is tailor-made to take you on this path and build yourself for tomorrow in embedded domain on Linux platform.

Why Linux on Embedded Systems

This intensive course is tailor-made to take you on this path and build yourself for tomorrow in embedded domain on Linux platform. Linux is one of the best freedom & open source software to clearly understand the concepts of an Operating System and their practical implications while developing a complete set of software modules for an out of the box device. Linux is one of the best competitive software in Embedded domain. It is used in many areas like Desktop PCs, Servers, Mobile platform, Multimedia applications, Real time critical applications, Automations, Robotics, Set-Top-Box, IPTV, Wearable Smart watch, Network components and High performance computing areas. The above factors automatically raised the demand for working with Linux & Android platform in Embedded domain.


Total Course duration : 2 months

Course type : Part time/ Full time

Prerequisites : Knowledge of C programming skills

Who can attend this course?

    • Freshers/Job seekers

    • Embedded system developers

    • Linux/FOSS enthusiast

    • Final year students

Benefits at EthicsTech

    • Trainers are industry experts having more than 10 years experience in Linux and Embedded systems.

    • Contents prepared as per the industries expectation on both theory and practicals

    • Application oriented practical sessions, sample programs and demo codes apart from "Hello world"

    • Job assistance

    • Chance to get real time projects for mock experience

    • Access webinars, seminars, workshops and e-learning facilities related to Embedded systems

    • Internship/final year project opportunity

    • Very good lab facilities including ARM9 and OMAP boards like Beagleboard, Raspberry Pi, Cubietruck, Devkit,.etc.

    • Access our e-library to download necessary resources and e-books.


Summary of the Embedded Linux course content

Module 1 : Linux system programming

  • Introduction to Linux - FOSS, Linux history and brief introduction about Linux kernel architecture

  • System calls

  • Kernel components - Filesystems, Memory management, Process management, Device drivers

  • IPCs - FIFO, Message queues, Pipes, Signals, Sockets, Semaphores

  • Tracing & Debugging - Tracing tools, GDB, mtrace, LTT

  • Exercise & Labs - Exercise programs and sample programs will demonstrated and discussed in Lab session

Module 2 : Building Embedded Linux platform

  • Introduction to Embedded Linux & its components - Host, target, Cross tool chains, BSP, IDE, Boot loaders

  • Building Embedded applications - Writing applications, cross compilation, simulating from host and Qemu

  • Linux kernel - Linux kernel configuration & compilation, Linux kernel image preparation

  • Boot loader - Boot loader compilation

  • Root filesystems - Root filesystem preparation, chroot, Buildroot

  • Porting Embedded Linux into ARM Board - Access target board and porting on ARM9 Board and OMAP board

Module 3 : Developing embedded systems on Android platform

  • Introduction to Android OS & Its architectures.

  • Android source code download and setup the working environment.

  • Android source file structure and its components.

  • Android kernel configuration, device drivers porting & compilation.

  • Preparing custom ROM & porting android system into embedded board.

  • Introcution to AOKP like Cyanogenmod custom ROM & ROOTING.

Module 4 : Developing Real Time applications by using RTLinux

  • Introduction to Xenomai RTLinux - Introduction to RTLinux, Types of RTLinux, Difference between Linux & RTLinux

  • Xenomai RTLinux internals – Xenomai RTLinux kernel structure and its components, Xenomai concepts

  • Pthreads programming - Pthreads programming

  • Xenomai RTLinux programming - Xenomai IPCs, User space Xenomai, Kernel space Xenomai, Xenomai APIs

  • Embedded RTLinux - Preparing Embedded RTLinux for x86 and ARM9 processors


Course Fee : Rs.20,000/- including all tax.


Registration is open for next batch. Kindly contact us for more details by 044-65155651. Send your queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Corporate queries are welcome.


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