ethicsTech is a Chennai based company started by Embedded systems and Linux experts. Ethics Technologies is one of the growing companies in the field of Software and Hardware Development, Consulting and Technical Resource Provider in Linux / Windows & Embedded Technology. We are offering Linux and Open Source based product development, services and service oriented supports with excellent Linux Infrastructure Design, Deployment and Post Supports.

Our key roles are Linux software Application Development, Linux Embedded applications development/deployment, Linux Infrastructure Planning and On-site Services support to a rich variety of clients to diverse industries apart from the core software/embedded development community. Ethics Technologies are pioneer in providing real time Linux and other embedded products ideal for any organization/companies.



We are having excellent tack record in Embedded Linux, Real Time Linux and RTOS. The capabilities listed below are simply the ones with which we have on-going activities at the present time. Our Company sponsors Research Project based on Embedded / Linux Domain.

  • Extensive Linux application Deployment and Support.

  • Development in the field of Linux/Embedded Systems.

  • Linux Network and Security Product Development.

  • Linux Systems Integrator's.

  • Linux Education Provider.

  • Real time Linux

  • Real Time Operating System

  • Embedded Linux

  • Mobile computing and Wireless applications Development

  • Linux System side programming.

  • Linux Device drivers and kernel Development.

  • Linux Resource Provider.

  • Embedded UI Programming.

Vision and Goals


  • We are unique organization of those who think different, and redefine rules. We strongly believes in complete freedom in doing one's own work and focusing more on end results.
  • To launch our marks in Embedded and software domain.

  • To follow the complete life cycle in product/application development based on Industrial standards.
  • Be the Numero Uno in Linux/Embedded System Product Development, Software Solutions, Network Support & Corporate Trainings.
  • Develop Centers of Excellence for seamless talent pool creation.
  • Implement Indomitable Work Culture.
  • To promote Innovation.
  • Enrich the client list with more Fortune 500 clientele.


Supports & Services

We are specialized in Embedded Linux, Real Time Linux, RTOS, Application development, System Programming which includes Linux Kernel Programming and writing Linux Device Driver.


Routine and extensive testing, conducted on regular basis, combined with our expertise assures high product quality regardless of code size, algorithm complexity and deadlines thereby following software life cycles.

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  • Introducing Android Workbench 3.0 with USB OTG!

  • New product launch: "Sign-Up" a Virtual Trial Room

  • New product launch : BlueBee

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Ethicstech offering completing IoT product design & development. Check with us what we are offering.

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ethics Tech now offeres LoRa ((Long Rang Low Power)) technology solutions in IOT & M2M sector. The LoRa® Alliance is

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