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To promote and create awareness about the latest technologies to the academic area and to fill-up the gap between the academic and industries on technology updates.

Brief description

There are huge updates are happening in the technologies on the current trend and due to the high competency, the industries are trying to implement it as soon as possible early and making the business hardly. However on the academic side, the current scenario in India is very slow and could not scale upto the industries expectation and technology updates. As the syllabus is very old and technology based workshops/seminars are not enough to update as per the current industry trend. Fresh passed out candidates from these skillsets could not able to prove them upto the industries expectation. There are lots of gaps available inbetween the industries and academic institutions in terms of technology updates. Our TechPro programme is aimed to provide the technology seminars, workshops and training programmes possible to fill-up this gap between academic and industries rapidly. However, the TechPro prgramme is totally FREE* from ethics Technologies.





TechPro is helpful for students and staffs to update the latest technology trends on what is happening in the industries. TechPro will help you to conduct on-campus Seminars, Workshops, training programmes and Technical events.


Download the complete TechPro brochure to know more details about how to apply for your college and others.


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Ethicstech offering completing IoT product design & development. Check with us what we are offering.

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