What we are offering

We provide best-in-class embedded hardware and software services & solutions on Linux and Android platform. Our services & solutions including all the verticals of Embedded Linux & Android such as Embedded applications development, BSP prepation, Frimware/Middleware development, Kernel customization, Porting embedded systems on varieties of processors like ARM, MIPS, Freescale, x86,.etc.


Embedded systems product Design & Development

    »  Embedded applications development

   »  Embedded Linux development

    »  Board Support Package (BSP) preparation

    »  Firmware & Middleware development

    »  Linux device driver development


 Mobile applications devleopment

   » Android Mobile applications development using SDK/NDK/ADK                         

   »  Webkit, HTML 5.0, Web 3.0 based applications

   »  Interfacing external hardware devices/sensors using Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC

   »  Framework development & customization

   »  Libraries porting


 System integration services

   »  Android/Linux Kernel customization & porting

  »  Android custom ROM development

  »  Cyanogenmod Android ROM developing

  »  Porting custom ROM on embedded boards, Tablets & Mobiles

  »  Kiosk Android ROM development

  »  Device drivers porting

   »  Platform migration & upgradation

   »  Kernel level & user level protocol stack development   

   »  Embedded GUI development using Qt/Python 


 Software development 

   »  Linux OS development and packages maintenance  

   »  Linux based binary packages creations including RPM, DEB

   »  Desktop application development using Qt/Python



Hardware development

   »  Schematic design  

   »  PCB design & fabrication (multilayers)

   »  Custom hardware design & development including mass production support.



Target domains & customers

   »  IT industries

   »  Consumer electronics

   »  Medical electronics

   »  Automation industries  

   »  Academic institutions

   »  OEM/ODM/SoC providers 

   »  Mobile/Tablet PC vendors 



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