Embedded Systems

ethicsTech having massive expereince on Software and Hardware embedded solutions by using Linux and Andorid platforms. Our software and hardware embedded systems skillset includes embedded Linux development, Embedded Linux/RTLinux compilation, Embedded applications development, Real Time Linux applications development, Firmware development, Android ROM development, BSP preprartion, Root filesystems creation, Embedded board design and porting onto different architectures like X86, MIPS, PPC, ARM7/9/11 and OMAP Cortex-A8 processors.


Strong expertise in hardware and software embedded systems, ethicsTech helps customers save on valuable development time and costs. Our software and hardware developers work together in an efficiant and seamless manner providing expert design, development and support services.


Software Embedded services

»  Complete embedded product design & development.

»  Embedded applications development

»  Embedded Linux development

»  Board Support Package (BSP) preparation

»  Firmware & Middleware development

»  Linux device driver development

»  Embedded GUI design & development using Qt/Python/Java

»  Router firmware development by using OpenWRT.

»  Porting Embedded systems on varities of architectures like X86, ARM, PPC, MIPS,.etc.


 Hardware Embedded services

»  Schematic design  

»  PCB design & fabrication (multilayers).

»  Custom hardware design & development including mass production support.




Some of the Embedded boards we are using!

»  Beaglebone / Beagleboard & Beagleblack

»  Hawkboard

»  Raspberry Pi

»  Cubieboard & Cubietruck

»  Olimex A13, A20 boards

»  FriendlyARM's Mini2240, Tiny4412 & Real6410

»  Devkit8000

»  Carambolla OpenRouter board

»  ODroid and more.

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  • New product launch: "Sign-Up" a Virtual Trial Room

  • New product launch : BlueBee

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Ethicstech offering completing IoT product design & development. Check with us what we are offering.

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ethics Tech now offeres LoRa ((Long Rang Low Power)) technology solutions in IOT & M2M sector. The LoRa® Alliance is

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