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android2Android is the first free, open source, and fully customizable mobile platform. Android™ software platform from Google provides an application framework to mobile devices. Offering a host of benefits, the Android provides the developers accessing the wide range of useful libraries and tools that can be used to build rich mobile applications also offering consumers with compelling services, rich Internet applications and an easy-to-use interface, ultimately creating a superior mobile experience.

ethicsTech experts in Android application development, middleware and custom Android OS & ROM development from the source. Our Android team experts in Android SDK/ADK/NDK, Web2.0, Location Based Services, Maps, Media, Games, UI, Accelerometer, Telephony and other Application framework components. Customers can utilize our Android team experience for building the innovative quality products and frameworks meeting the changing business needs in quick turnaround time.

Our massive experience on Android OS level customization, android source (AOSP)  compilation, building ROM and porting it on many embedded boards & processors like OMAP, ARM 9/11 and iMX architectures.  ethicsTech offering the following software & hardware services on Android platform. 


Mobile applications development

» Android applications development
» Migrating mobile applications from other platform into Android platform
» Android frameworks development
» Web based Android applications development
» Advanced applications development by using Wifi, Bluetooth, zwave and other wireless technologies like GPS, GPRS, GSM.
» Android Accessories based applications development like our own product Android Workbench and Arduino.
» Kiosk Android development. Some of the customizations are removing notification bar, Removing lock option, custom boot animation, custom startup application, disable externl hardware keys, custom settings option,.etc.
» Access the Android Tab/Mobile from remote place like remote desktop access.
» HAL Layer development
Android Hardware solutions
» Preparing BSP for Android hardware device.
» Android OS customization at source code level.
» Android OS compilation, developing custom ROM and porting on embedded boards, Mobiles & Tablet PCs.
» Custom hardware development.
» Interfacing external peripherals like GSM/GPRS, GPS, touch screen, Key pad, Bluetooth/Wifi modules, Medical sensors and camera.
» Firmware development for custom ahrdware.
» Android accessories development by using Arduino board & Android Workbench board.
» Device drivers porting.
» CyanogenMod ROM development & porting it on new chipset.


Benefits of Customers/clients


  • Time to market – Accelerate development time and reduce the cost of the development.

  • Porting – Massive porting enable quick migration & porting

  • Scalable – provides many features & easily scalable applications

  • Quality – Quality deliverables from requirements to beyond support

  • No vendor locking - Fully customers/clients friendly license


For more details about services & supports, kindly please send your business queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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